History in Lockdown: Postscript

History in Lockdown: Postscript

I started this project as a follow up to the start of the spread of the Corona virus to tell a new generation in Dunbar about the importance of the Royal Charter which created the burgh of Dunbar on 8th February  1370. In March we were considering covis as a threat which would last some weeks. I decided to give myself the date of the next Royal  Charter as my end date ,that was on the 16th  August. As August approached it seemed we were winning and lockdown was eased. Unfortunately things now seem worse again and we are now more or less cancelling Christmas and talking about disruption in 2021.

I stuck to my decision and brought my series to an end with a reflection of this extraordinary year.

It seems to me however, that I should provide a summary statement which would be   useful to those who have just joined us. The early pieces are available on the Dunbar Community Council website. You have to look in each one  for the key words’ read more’.

The first post was on the 1st  April and was an introduction by Pippa Swan called Occasional Histories of Dunbar

The second was on 2nd April called Dunbar 650

On 8th April, Dunbar from 1970

On23rd April, The Minutes of the last meeting of Dunbar Burgh Council on 15th May 1975

On 4th. May, The Dunbar Burgh Establishment

On 11th. May, Dunbar, The A1 Resort

On30th.  May,  Dunbar Civic Week

On27th  June, Dunbar, Local Government

On 1st.  July, The Community Council

On 11th July,  Dunbar Community Council Awards

on 16th July, Dunbar and John Muir

On 19th  July, The Twenty Five pounder gun at Dunbar

On 5th August, Dunbar and Twinning

On 15th August, Lest We Forget

On 22nd August, Clan Dunbar

On 5th September, Dunbar in Lockdown

[Clan Dunbar should perhaps be read before Lest we Forget]

Some articles of local interest can also be found on East Lothian Antiquarian and Field Naturalists Society web site.

I hope this is helpful

Best wishes

Stephen Bunyan

18 09 20